Welcome to Convert LIT's home! This is the official site for news, information and downloads related to Convert LIT, the program which allows you to convert Microsoft Reader format eBooks into open format for use with software or devices which are not directly compatible with Microsoft's Reader.
Update (2004/09/25)

For a more extensive GUI than the one that comes with ConvertLit 1.8, you can check out the one at www.hot.ee/dukelupus/. Note that this is written by a 3rd party who is not affiliated with the ConvertLit team.

For MacOS X 10 users, I have been sent a compiled version of the ConvertLit binary. I am unable to test this, and feedback is welcome.

Convert Lit Compiled on MacOSX 10.3.5

It is unlikely that you will be able to download DRM5 titles to MacOSX, but if you can, you will need to obtain your keys from a Windows version of Reader once.

Update (2004/07/04)
While there are many things I could say about the ironies of releasing a tool to encourage freedom, despite laws that restrict said freedoms on a day devoted to a country's freedom, many others have said them more eloquently.
Today I am releasing Convert LIT 1.8.

This version has significant changes. Please read "Readme.TXT" carefully.